The Camping Guide

Go Camping With a Solar Panel


There are many benefits of going camping with a portable solar panel. When you have a camping panel, you can travel to remote areas with items like mobile phones, LED camping lights, portable fridges and others. This will help you save on fees you would have paid to camp in powered sites.


Of course, you can power your camping area with a generator. However, generators are quite expensive and make a lot of noise. The last thing you want is to hear the echoes of the generator noises when you are deep in the woods. To avoid the noise, carry a portable solar panel. The panels are silent and do not pollute the environment with carbon emissions, unlike is the case with diesel-powered generators. Moreover, since the panels use the sun's energy to power up devices, you will save on the cost of purchasing fuel.


There are different types of Gazebos and solar panels in the market designed for outdoor camping. The panels utilize the sun's energy by converting it to electric current. The electric current can be used to charge batteries or power appliances such as phone chargers and laptops.


It is easy to set up Swag and solar panels for use.  However, choosing the right panels can be quite a challenge.  You need to consider your power requirements to determine whether a particular solar panel will be suitable to buy. The panel you buy should also be a high quality one.


Difference between Portable and Fixed Solar Panels

The most common solar panels used outdoors are the 12V ones. These panels are available in two main variations, which you can use depending on the type of outdoor trip you are taking and your power requirements.


For fixed solar panels, you have to mount them on the roof of your 4WD, boat or caravan to absorb the sunlight. Therefore, your boat or car should be parked in an area with direct sunlight. The roof space above most caravans is large enough to hold a solar panel that will cater for most of your power needs. Apart from this, you will not have to carry about any set up when you reach your destination.


Portable solar panels can be placed in the sun and moved as desired e.g. to follow the sunlight direction as it moves during the day. These panels require extra time to set up and pack down as you move around. For further details regarding outdoor solar panels, go to